Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my data available on the server?

The data is available 24X7 until you remove it by logging into the cloud computing platform from

How long is my data stored on the mobile device?

All the data are accessible 24*7 using our cloud computing environment or when user login in an online mode on the mobile devices.

How the Task Management works?
  • User can also view Scheduled tasks for an event by selecting a particular event and then clicking on Tasks icon on Events listing screen
  • User can also Schedule a new task, by taping on "+" icon in Task screen
  • User can also edit existing task by taping on select icon in Task screen
  • User can run Scheduled Tasks report and view all the tasks for the events in one concise report
What are the other features will be available in next release of the application and when

we are planning to release next version by End of April 2018

How do I export the data in excel .xls format to import into existing CRM system

You can export the data in .CSV format from My Registered Attendee(s) page on mobile device or by logging into EventEvites web" and from this page you can click on export icon to export all your registered attendee(s) into .csv format

What is the value proposition of EventEvites to any business

EventEvites helps organizations or individuals to automate business development, Pre-Sales or Marketing efforts to gather registered attendees quickly, efficiently and to perform a quick follow up actions to achieve higher return on investments (ROI) of your efforts and make you more productive and efficient.

Is EventEvites available to use in an On-Premise or Private Cloud network as we are a large corporation and do not want to host the data onto your platform?

Yes, Please call us to discuss further on licensing and systems requirements.

Is there any support to existing CRM system already in place in our organization such as Salesforce, ACT etc.? How do registered attendees gathered from MyEventsSite get incorporated into our existing CRM systems?

The answer is very simple. We support exporting the registered attendees data into an Microsoft Excel or .CSV format, which you can import into your exiting CRM system. EventEvites supports Any Source to any destination data migration concept.

Can I add and Email my product or services video to others?

Yes, you can add video profile with details and links to your product or services video anywhere on the web. You can email to anyone after successfully added to the system.

What is the benefit to EventEvites paid user by referring EventEvites to others

Every time you refer a friend from web or mobile platform, and if the referred friend becomes a paid subscribe user you earn 10% of the referred friend’s subscription as credit. You earn the credit as long as the referred friend remains as a paid subscribed user.

How many other languages supported by EventEvites?
  • a) English
  • b) Traditional Chinese
  • c) French
  • d) Portuguese
  • e) German
  • f) Spanish
  • g) Italian
When I synchronize the data to server, what happens? How much data is kept on the mobile device?
When you synchronize the data on your mobile devices, the data from server or device will be synchronized on to your mobile devices.